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Your Biggest Weakness

Q: How should we answer "tell me your biggest weakness"? I have heard we should work in a strength as the answer.

Bad advice. The “it's-a-weakness-but-really-a-strength” response will highlight a true weakness: a lack of self-awareness.

The purpose of this question is generally to learn about your character. Mature, self-aware people know what they do well and where they need support, and they have enough self-confidence to admit it.

In answering this question, you should not belabor the point or be self-deprecating, but you should answer the question honestly. Responses like, "sometimes I need help managing multiple deadlines" or "sometimes my first response is to act without thinking through thoroughly" are perfectly acceptable and will not hurt you.

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  1. I also encounter these questions frequently but whenever I am asked I try not to be too negative about it. Also, I limit my "weaknesses" to one or two and then follow it up with a positive note.

  1. Karrie,
    If an interviewer asks for your biggest weakness, remember to just give one. Otherwise, you are not answering the question - and revealing weaknesses while you do so.

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