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Thank You for Nothing

Q: Has a thank you letter from an interviewee ever made you hire her? How about a candidate calling HR to "check how the search is going"?

Thank you notes are another gauge of a candidate's interest in working at a particular job. However, just as some people write them more than others, some interviewers will value them more than others.

How can you tell if your interviewer will respond to a letter? If a person gives you a business card, it may be a sign that they value this form of recognition. I personally never put much weight on them.

I don't have any direct experience with the second question, but common sense would suggest that it probably won't do much good to "check in" with the HR department. The phrase, "don't call us. We'll call you" is probably a worthwhile rule of thumb.

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  1. Anonymous

    My job application for the job of senior accountant with a real estate firm was declined. I was surprised when they emailed me a note thanking me for my interest in the position. The sender also mentioned that he was impressed with my work history. I sent them a thank you note too. Honestly, I was hoping that their email meant more than a thank you.

  1. Anonymous

    I just had an interview for a call center job. I reached the final interview and was asked if I would accept a full-time job. Early on I had indicated in my cover letter that I was applying for a part-time job, and that was really my intention. Moreover, the company advertised that they have open part-time jobs. I was able to hurdle the first 2 interviews and reached the final third interview, but in the end I was asked if I would accept a full time job. Of course I answered no. I was then told that they would just notify me about the results of the interview. It has been two weeks now since that day. I am not sure if I made the mistake of answering truthfully. Is it appropriate to call up the company and inquire about the status of my application?

  1. Louie

    I think it is proper but you have to be very polite and maybe you could justify the follow-up by emphasizing that you are interested in the job. I have done that before after waiting for two weeks. I don't think HR was bothered by my call, in fact they were very accommodating.

  1. I suggest you give it more time. Its just been two weeks you might appear to be overly eager. Some hiring personnel take time to review their candidates thoroughly some even conduct background checking. Try to understand too that they may be reviewing quite a large number of applications and for some, hiring process takes quite a while.

  1. Senior Accountant,
    Thank you letters can be sent both ways. If you find it memorable, perhaps and interview will, too.

  1. Part-timer,
    Two weeks is not too long to wait, and it is a better idea to be truthful. Good luck!

  1. From Diane Foote on Facebook:

    A: Receiving a thank-you note wouldn't tip the scales for me in offering someone a job, but in my fields, marketing and membership-based nonprofit management, both areas in which diplomacy is important, the lack of one could doom a candidate.

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