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4 Reasons you Should Not be "Superior"

Topic: Excellent, Superior and other Superlatives

When describing their skill levels, I often warn job seekers to refrain from using words like “excellent” and “superior” for four reasons:

1. These words are their opinions not mine. I don’t want to hear opinions. I want to see facts and examples and formulate my own conclusion.

2. Chances are I have a different, and likely higher, expectation of what it means to have “excellent communication skills” or “superior understanding of business marketing”. If there is not corroborating evidence to support these statements, they are likely to go in the “no” pile.

3. These statements of opinion are extra words that make it harder for me to find their relevant skills.

4. If they do make it to an interview, you can be assured that I am going to drill down very hard on this area and see if they meet my interpretation of these words.

Of course if you meet my definition of what an expert is, I want you on my team, but trust me, unless you have at least 5 years of work experience under your belt, you won’t . Best not to go there.

Btw, here is an easy fix. Change “excellent” or “superior” to something like “honed my”. This simple change makes the statements actions not opinions.

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  1. Good idea to educate job seekers about the behaviour which creates problem in Getting hired.I like it
    Working in New Zealand

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