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How to Get Hired - The Ebook

My free Ebook, How to Get Hired: Staying Out of the "No" Pile, is now yours to read, download, and share.

Learn inside:

  • The secret Four-Step Method recruiters follow to choose job candidates.
  • The checklists employers use to make hiring decisions.
  • The insider's step-by-step guide for success.

Please click the image below to view or download.


-R. Scott Morris


  1. I have polished my resume and cover letters after reading your ebook advice. I have gained more confidence facing my interviewers. My doubts about answering some interview questions were somehow replaced by confidence, knowing that I am on the right track. Your suggestions really work. Thanks!

  1. Anonymous

    Hi. I am a bank employee and I am currently looking for an online job for that "extra" income. I found your ebook very handy. I just hope sir that you could have more posts specifically for online workers. There are some topics around CVs, resumes, and interviews that I wish to be informed about. Inquiring and responding through instant messaging and emails (i.e., what is ethical or unethical) are one of those topics I wish to discuss.

  1. Karrie,
    The "somehow" comes from understanding what the firms' want - Information is power.

  1. Bank Employee,
    Glad to hear you like it! Feel free to ask your questions on my facebook page:

  1. Annie

    This is great --- thanks for uploading your guide!

  1. Annie,

    Thank you for the feedback - the guide can also be downloaded as a pdf (via Scribd or by clicking the image).

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