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Summer Classes vs. Summer Internships

Gurbir: In terms of securing internships and getting jobs in the years to come, should I take relevant courses over the summer [or try to] get an internship?

Your future employers will be looking for clues as to whether you will be successful doing what they want you to do. The closer you can get to performing some of the skills that they will find valuable, the better off you will be.

Two future questions they will ask themselves about you are:
1) Do you have the skills necessary to be successful at my firm?
2) Will you find the work rewarding?

An internship can provide clues to both of these questions. Summer school can only offer insight into the first. An additional idea might be to approach a professor in the field you are curious about and see if you could help her with some of her research. This might shed light on both.

All are preferred to sitting on the couch and vegging over the summer!

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